Local area networking (LAN) has become a significant part of our everyday lives in various methods. The most commonly used way to set up a LAN is essential with a LAN cable and connectors. These cables and connectors can connect to your computer and a router or modem.

LAN involves a connection of various computers and networking hardware. That’s why various connectors and cables are used for its setting. All kinds of cables and connectors are available at https://www.cakeycn.com.

Cables in LAN networking

Usually, three types of cables are used in LAN networking. These areas follow:

  • Copper Twisted Pair (Also known as Ethernet or Networking cable)
  • Fiber Cable
  • Coaxial Cable

All these cables have special designs and functions to support a LAN connection.

Coax cables

These are used for connecting your ISP to your modem. Coax cables are frequently designed with shielding to work in regions with EMI and elevated frequencies.

Ethernet cables

You can use Ethernet cables, or copper twisted pairs to connect your routers, computers, switches, gaming systems, printers, PoE devices, IP cameras, etc. They come in various categories like:

  • CAT -3 Cable
  • CAT-5E Cable
  • CAT-6 Cable
  • CAT-6A Cable
  • CAT-8 Cable

Fiber cable

It is a kind of cable manufactured from optical fibers to take light. It can carry signals over lengthy distances. It is an additional very famous solution for business usage.

Fiber cables are of the following kinds:

  • Optical Fiber Conductive
  • Optical fiber conductive general use
  • Optical fiber nonconductive
  • Optical fiber nonconductive general use
  • Optical fiber nonconductive plenum
  • Optical fiber conductive plenum
  • Optical fiber nonconductive riser
  • Optical fiber conductive riser
  • All-Dielectric Self-Supporting
  • Fiber optic cable outside plant
  • Optical fiber composite overhead ground wire
  • Fiber optics cable multiple dwelling unit

Types of Connectors in LAN Networking:

Different types of connectors are used for setting LAN connections. Some most widely used connectors are as follow:

Registered Jack 45 (RJ45)

Registered Jack 45 is found on approximately all UTP and STP cables. It is most frequently known as RJ45. This connector is similar to the older RJ11 connector used in wired telephones.

Straight Tip (ST)

It is frequently found on the ending of a multi-mode cable. This connector has been frequently observed along with the SC connector for the previous 20 years. It is being gradually replaced by multi-fiber connectors (LC and MTP).

Subscriber Connector (SC)

This Subscriber Connector (SC) is commonly found on MMF or SMF. Like SC connectors, this connector is also gradually being replaced by multi-fiber connectors.

Lucent Connector (LC)

It was designed for high-density operations where multiple fibers might be ended within a limited space. Contrasting the SC and ST connectors, this connector is constantly a duplex that simultaneously links a pair of fibers.

Multi-fiber Push On (MPO)

This connector is an additional duplex connector that provides trouble-free options for connection. It was developed to be capable of being linked numerous times without any possible connector problems. It is frequently known as Multi-fiber Termination Push-on (MTP).


LAN connection has become the basic need of this era. To get access to LAN, there is a need for appropriate cables and connectors. You can get a LAN connection at your office through these cables and connectors. Cakeycn offers the best cables and connectors.


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