Having a colour scheme for a room uplifts and gives character to everything else in the room. Before going through colour swatches, think about the vibe you want in the room. Everyone has their own visions and a colour scheme will help match visions into reality. The purpose of the room also plays a crucial role while picking out colours.  

In the case of a bedroom, think about what colours you want to wake up to, while for a children’s room, the colours can be creative and bright.

Deciding colour palettes for your home can be quite overwhelming as colours also decide the entire vibe and energy of the room. At the same time going through colour swatches and deciding the outlook of your room allows you to be creative and make the vision of your dream home come true. Keep in mind the natural light that comes into the room because colours appear different with different shades of the sun.

There is no ideal colour for a home because it is very subjective. At the end of the day, you should feel happy and comfortable in the colours of your home. It is important to create a space that feels homely and reflects your personality and style.

The best colour pallets are found in nature. From flowers to birds, one confined the most appealing colour pallets that one needs. Here are a few colour palettes to check out if you’re renovating:

Softwood and minimalist 

Best suited for spaces that are in hot and dry, humid and cold climates. This is the most minimalist pallet with white being the primary base. This is topped with softwood shades, warm greige, muted rose pink and a sage green for flavour. 

Soft dessert

Best suited for spaces in a hot and dry climate. The base is dark coffee browns and olive greens, topped with a massive ochre and hints of yellow, salmon pink and mint greens. 

Sea inspired

Best suited in dry climates or for people who love cool colours. This includes a variety of blues like peacock blue, teal, turquoise, pale blue tones with a base of pearl and serious greys. Sometimes, a striking warm colour – yellow or orange can be added to create focus in interiors. 

Tropical pallet 

Inspired by birds and flowers, best suited for tropical side homes. This includes a mix of warm and cool colours, mostly complimentary. A variety of greens that seem fresh along with yellows, tangerine and pinks that are vibrant.


Mostly found in vernacular Indian homes, colour pallets are derived from a wide variety of spices that are grown across the country. It is a rich blend of turmeric yellow, chilli red and a pantone of browns to support. 


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