Loose wave hairstyles are an excellent way to spice up your look. Loose wave hair can be defined as hair with large curls that are not defined enough to be called curly. You can rock the hairstyle by buying and installing wavy hair bundles as a weave. The bundles offer great styling versatility. They can be parted at the middle or the side during installation, styled as a bob, or purchased in a unique and interesting color such as burgundy and honey blonde. In the rest of this article, I will give you a comprehensive description of different loose wave weave styling ideas.

What is Loose Wavy Hair?

Loose wavy hair is hair whose curls are usually very large and less coiled in comparison to curly hair.

Loose Wave Weaves

One of the easiest ways to get a durable loose wave hairstyle is installing loose wave weaves. You can choose between getting the lace frontal hair bundles or hair bundles with lace closure depending on your needs and preferences. The main difference between the two is that lace frontal covers the entire hairline while lace closure is only meant to give you a natural-looking parting. Hair bundles with lace closure are also usually cheaper and easier to install than the ones with a frontal. If you decide to get loose wavy hair, I recommend checking these loose wave bundles from Allove hair collections. They are high-quality and come in a variety of lengths to choose from.

Loose Wave Styling tips to Try

There are so many ways to style your loose wave hair depending on your preferences. The following part describes them in detail.

Middle Part

Loose wave bundles with a frontal lace have a free parting and can be parted at any point of the head. On the other hand, hair bundles with lace closure usually only have one parting option. You can install a weave with loose wave hair bundles and choose to part them in the middle of the head for the more classic look.

Side part

If you do not like middle parts or would like to try something different, you can choose to get your loose wave hair bundles installed with a side parting.

Bob loose wave hairstyle

Bob is a very feminine, classy, and versatile hairstyle that can be styled to look good for any occasion. You can choose to spice up your bob look by going for a loose wave hairstyle instead of the classic straight. Bob allows the loose waves to pop and gives your look some uniqueness.

Color ideas to explore with your loose wave bundles

Your loose wave hair bundles do not have to be black or monochromatic. You can choose a different color or combination of colors to spice up your overall look. One great color you can go for when buying loose waves is burgundy since it gives a unique look. You could also try going for more natural-looking and subtle highlights using honey blonde, platinum blonde or any other lighter hair colors to create the balayage look. One more style that really makes the loose waves pop is ombre. For the ombre look, you should go for a weave with two contrasting colors (any color and a color that is one or two shades lighter than it).


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