Both mounted and handheld shower heads are right for you, but if you’ve been using a mounted shower head for a while and want to experiment with a new portable shower head, you might be pleasantly surprised.

A handheld shower head’s adaptability enables various additional uses and conveniences. Declinko is a source of extendable shower head by which you can reach to the most suitable mounted shower for you.

Why Mounted Shower Heads Are Perfect?

Check out these features of handheld shower heads before you buy your next shower head:

· Rinsing 

Resist the temptation of dry shaving when you’re pressed for time. Turn on the water in your shower, lather some soap, and rinse while you shave using the handheld shower head.

Grab the handheld shower head and start rinsing if your kids merely need to have their feet washed after playing outside at some time.

· Less Strenuous

When taking a shower, you must move around so that the water streams hit your body where needed to rinse off lathered soap. However, this can make taking a shower a painful, taxing activity if you’re tight or sore, suffering from arthritis pain, dealing with an accident, or have another physical limitation.

· Versatility 

Mount your handheld shower head back to your wall if you decide that you’d prefer to continue using a conventional mounted shower head. A handheld shower head can be mounted or used as a separate, detachable shower head.

When taking a shower, you can use the handheld shower head’s extended reach for specific tasks, then re-attach it to use both hands when necessary.

· Most Suitable

Consider the expense when choosing the head because your current shower head may need to be upgraded slightly to accommodate it. Because it works so well with low bathroom ceilings, this type of shower head is best suited for new homes or bathrooms.

· Assisted Showering 

No matter their age, whether they are young or old, every member of your household will find a handheld showerhead to be convenient. By enabling people to take a shower on their own without having to deal with many obstacles, it helps the elderly and disabled become more self-reliant.

· Cleaning Your Shower

You can have trouble cleaning and rinsing your shower if the walls and doors are covered in soap suds. They make your job of scrubbing and cleaning easy by using handheld showerheads. A handheld showerhead enables you to rinse every inch of your shower back, unlike mounted showerheads whose streams would only wash the shower walls halfway.

· Spray Settings and Shower Pressure

Thanks to Water pick technology, handheld showerheads deliver the high pressure and power you need to take a shower. Handheld showerheads have a variety of spray settings as a result of cutting-edge innovation.


We all want to shower and relax after a long day at work or school. Using a handheld shower is the ideal method of taking a shower. For the reasons indicated and outlined above, it is a straightforward and practical method of taking a shower. Handheld showers are the greatest for bathing kids, giving your dog a much-needed bath, and soothing hurting muscles.


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