The need for pressure washers for cleaning is undeniable. Because they are an excellent cleaner of hardened and dried dirty marks and stains. But when there is an offseason, then it is not suitable to keep the pressure washer in the place where it was before. It should be properly stored after the maintenance. So that during the whole period of the off-season, it remains safe. It would also remain damage-free when you take it back. Therefore, easy storage should be arranged for the pressure washers.

Things to consider before the easy storage:

Storing a pressure washer is an important task that should be done properly. There are steps to follow for the easy storage of a pressure washer pump. But there are things to be considered before storing the pressure washer pumps. These steps should be kept in mind and properly followed. These considerations are as follows:

  • The pressure washer should not be kept or stored near heat sources or places where there is a risk of fire or ignition.
  • You should also avoid the fuel storage for pressure washer pumps in your house or anywhere on your property. If you do, then make sure to use a fuel stabilizer.
  • After using a pressure washer, do not cover it immediately, because it would be hot. When its temperature comes to room temperature, then cover it with some sheet.
  • The cover that is put on the pressure washer, should be moisture resistant.
  • The storage should be done in a place that is dry, clean, and out of the reach of children.

Steps to follow for the easy storage of pressure washer:

Storing a pressure washer seems a simple task. It seems that it is done in a single step. But this is not the case. There are proper steps to follow for storing the pressure washer, that ensure its safety and also the safety of the place, where it is being stored. The steps that you should follow are discussed below.

  • If you have a gasoline engine-based pressure washer, then you should first do fuel maintenance. The fuel should be removed from the engine and should be kept somewhere else. If it remains in the engine for a long time, then there would be a risk of damage to the pressure washer components.
  • After removing the fuel from the engine, you should also do some arrangements to store that fuel. It could be stored in a protective container. The gas can could be a good option. But the best way is to keep that fuel in a fuel stabilizer.
  • After fuel maintenance, the engine is prepared for storage. The lubricant oil of the engine is needed to be changed. Then put a few drops of fresh engine oil and turn on the pressure washer many times, so that the new oil is distributed. Before starting the engine, make sure the removal of ignition plug.
  • After all this, the pump is made empty. All the water should be removed from it. Close all the valves and pipes of the water supply. Then cover the pressure washer with a moisture-resistant and insulated sheet and keep it in a dry and clean place.


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