Working women are at a higher risk of succumbing to these pressures as they are generally juggling between physically enduring tasks of home-building and mentally challenging exercises at their regular jobs. To add to their jeopardy, we have normalized the idea of a ‘superwoman’ who excels at work and home through tireless multi-tasking. The excelling woman is seen as someone who excels at tasks that are generally related to another individual.

Today’s working women are expected to prioritise their bosses, colleagues, spouses, kids, and friends over themselves. These expectations have an insidious effect on a woman’s health that often go unnoticed and are left unattended. Working women are so busy taking care of everyone and everything around them that they just do not have the bandwidth for self-indulgence.

This is where a major shift in perception needs to take place. Recognizing the need to devote time, care and attention to yourself, not because your bosses, teams, family or friends need you to, but because you deserve it just as much as anybody else, is the first step in empowering a woman towards a position of true strength.

Here are some tips for a working woman to indulge in her own needs and desires, guilt-free:

Set aside time for yourself. Make sure to take some time out from your busy schedule of work and family maintenance and spend time on any activity or task that you enjoy doing by yourself. This could also mean meditating, relaxing or doing nothing for at least an hour every day.

Stop being apologetic. Do not say sorry for having failed to exceed expectations from your bosses, family or friends. Nobody is superhuman, and you shouldn’t be wearing that cape at all times.

Do not underestimate the importance of prioritising your own health. Giving care can be exhausting and tiring too. Try to give that tender care and attention to your own health too.

Say no, more often. This will allow you more time for yourself. Limit trying to be the ‘superhuman’ that you are expected to be and set realistic timelines instead.

Seek out happiness. Find time for pleasure and joy. Do something every day that you probably don’t have to ask anyone’s permission for.

About the author: Puja Puneet, a certified Life Coach, Emyth Business Coach, Author & a TedX Speaker.


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