The recent introduction of wearable breast pumps has revolutionized many mothers’ breastfeeding experiences. These breast pumps are worn in a bra, eliminating the need for inconvenient tubes.

Since wearable breast pumps don’t require an outlet, mothers can pump anywhere, anytime, without interrupting their day, daily chores, and schedules.

Wearable breast pumps, like any other pump, have their downsides. Here are some things to think about before purchasing a wearable pump.

The Pros of Hands Free Breast Pump

Like any other product, even the most expensive and the most well-made breast pumps have their pros and cons. The  products are no exemption. Their breast pumps are known to be of high quality, but it is not easy to satisfy all users. Below are some of their advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide whether it is worth it.

Freedom to Move Around While Pumping

The convenience of being able to pump while on the go is mainly responsible for the rise in popularity of wearable breast pumps. Because who wants to spend hours a day attached to a breast pump? However, the degree to which you can move around while pumping depends on your pump type. Using the Bellababy breast pump, you can pump in their unique leak-proof bags even while doing yoga, sleeping, or training for a marathon. They are also great for driving and walking around, but not for anything too crazy because milk is pumped into a container, which can spill if you do too much movement.


Even if you have a hands-free pumping bra that allows you to check email while pumping, you still need to pump in a private area because your bra will have flanges that are connected to bottles protruding from it. But wearable breast pumps can be concealed in a bra and taken with you anywhere, including inside the car, supermarket, or office. This allows you to pump in public without drawing too much attention to yourself by hiding it underneath your shirt. This is especially helpful if you cannot take a pumping break during the workday.

Not that noisy

The Bellababy breast pumps are known as one of the quietest in the market, allowing you to pump under your shirt without drawing attention to yourself. Similar to other brands’ assertion that the pump is “quiet,” the brand insists that it effectively muffles all background noise.

Easily Disinfected

Because of their minimal construction, both breast pumps can be quickly and easily disassembled for cleaning. The components of a hands-free breast pump can be sterilized by rinsing them in a solution of liquid dish soap and warm water. Preventing the spread of germs can be done by either boiling or microwaving. The maximum allowed time is 3 minutes.

The Cons of Hands Free Breast Pump


The cost of purchasing a wearable pump is the biggest disadvantage. However, it is often included as an upgrade option with insurance policies, so you may be able to get it at a substantial discount.


In order to use a wearable pump, you must remember that it needs to be charged. It is best to have at least two chargers, one at home and one that you can bring anywhere.

Bellababy breast pump’s pros outweighed its cons, making it one of the best brands when it comes to hands-free breast pumps. No product is perfect. Choose the one that can provide for your needs, performs well, and last longer.


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